SurgiMab is happy to announce that it is part of the 15 laureates – selected among 87 young innovative companies – of the NETVA program.

NETVA (NEw Technology Venture Accelerator) is a unique program of preparation and exposure to high-tech U.S. markets for young innovative French companies, which responds to the need for international expansion faced by young French startups in high technology.
The candidates went through two selection processes to determine this year’s laureates, the first taking place in Paris, and the second, in one of the three NETVA cities in the United States: Boston, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

The selected laureates will benefit from a cycle of preparation and exposure to the realities of the American high technology markets. The first phase consists of preparatory training and coaching, and will take place in Paris on June 30th at the headquarters of Microsoft France, a partner of the initiative. Each laureate will be paired with one or more American mentors to prepare them for their arrival to the United States, which could be in September or October of 2014, depending on which center is hosting them. In their week of intense immersion, the laureates will network with American academic and technological partners and will profit from an additional series of training workshops focused about how to approach and enter American markets.

This selection comes right on time for SurgiMab, which is currently preparing the development of SGM-101 in the US and anticipates the launching of clinical assays after the phase I assay that is to take place in Montpellier Cancer Institute in 2014.