Top-level international institutions involved in the clinical testing of SGM-101

Below are some of our clinical partners. For a complete list of the centers that participate to clinical trials with SGM-101, both in Europe and in the US, please follow this link.




Historical partners and exciting research collaborations

The original research project that led to the development of SGM-101 was started at Montpellier Cancer Research Institute (IRCM), within Dr. André Pélegrin’s lab. Today Fluorescence Guided Surgery has emerged as a promising strategy to improve the precision of oncologic surgery. SurgiMab has established long-term relationships with partners such as L2D, Synth-Innove or Polymun. Research collaborations are ongoing with several high-rank international centers such as Seoul National University Hospital and Radboud UMC in the Netherlands.

Montpellier Métropole’s BIC (Business and Innovation Centre), the Languedoc-Roussillon region and Transferts-LR have participated to the development of the project.

BPI France participated to the funding of the company, by awarding the company a total of 500 k€ of aids since creation.